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Internet Marketing Methods:

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Apart from search engines like Google, there are many different ways to market your website online in order to drive people to your site.  SEO is a long term online marketing method and so there are many other sources that increase the traffic. In just a few short years, Internet marketing has become more popular. The companies and individuals allot budgets for internet marketing  constantly  increase each year  as more and more people use the internet to buy online goods and services.

Here are some of the most popular methods:

1.    Article Marketing:

“Content is the King!” This is absolutely true. Regularly publish related quality content about the product and service on relevant sites.  A Website with valuable content attracts the visitor’s attraction.

2.    Online Favorites’ and Bookmarking

Website owner could promote their sites and articles in these online bookmarking sites and can share it with friends and colleagues. Other users can search these tagged bookmarks. is the most popular social bookmarking tool.

3.    Email Marketing:

Offer a newsletter subscription on your site and request the users to sign up for your newsletter.  This mailing list provides the ability to distribute information to a wide range of customers at a very low cost.

4.    Banner Ads:

In most of the popular websites, you can find the banner ads flashing. Through this an advertiser can monitor their customers’ interests and tastes.  Choose the banner ad with standard internet ad sizes, ad formats, and suitable ad locations for your site, along with choosing attractive and effective ad colors – based on the latest facts, recommendations, and trends.

5.    Pay per click advertising

Basically used on search engine, advertising networks and in blogs.  When an advertisers keyword list matches with the user keyword query in search engines, these ad may be displayed.  This method is highly dependent on the search term that people enter in search engines. Only pay when someone click on your ad and visits your website.

6.    Blog Marketing

Having a blog to promote about your product and service is a fantastic way to increase the traffic.  Word press is the best tool for blogging. It is excellent way to get the customers feedback and to make sure the products meet the user’s needs.

7.     RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication is basically a tool by which content can be syndicated across the world within minutes, with the single click of a button.  You can syndicate any type of content related to your product/services through this RSS Feed. A Blog platform such as wordpress acts as a best way to set up and publishing your feeds. For example, you can publish your articles, categorizing them by both topic and date posted. low dose accutane acne